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Based on abduntal experience on production,we are proud to be the leading natural stone specialists and suppliers in China. 

Our aim is to develop & provide all popular and fashionable grey marble including imported and domestic, all of which have been sourced world-wide and are beautifully exhibited here. 

We have wide range of grey marble,variety in color shade or random veins,special style will suit your taste perfectly.

With our hot selling items,they are both suitable for flooring as well as wall cladding purposes because they create a particular contrast with the dark colored cabinets and walls. This means that your interior will stand out and look unique.

We are committed to not only providing impeccable products but also capturing the ideas of our customers through our bespoke design and manufacturing team.

Bring their personal and professional idea into reality by our hands.

The natural beauty of grey marbles is simply unmatched and will definitely give your place a luxurious feel,adding a touch of class and elegance.

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In stone business or construction line,it is quite normal that some projects with partial area or locations require more practical stone building materials.

And undoubtedly we can afford to provide the right materials according to the different needs of the customers to achieve the final expectations.

For Economical items of grey marble,you could enjoy below benefits:

  • 1)Reasonable cost to reach budget 
  • 2)A wide range of colors and patterns
  • 3)Very durable and resistant to scratches. In other words,you can use them in high traffic areas without having to worry about them getting damaged.
  • 4)Lastly, grey marbles are affordable and easy to maintain, making them perfect for any private or public decoration.

No matter you’re looking for a flooring  or wall, you’ve come to the right place. We can handle all your residential and commercial supply needs of grey marble.

Design your dreams

About Grey Marble You Need to Know:
Grey marble is a beautiful stone that comes in many different colors,there are so many different types of grey marble,mainly classified as either light grey or dark grey.
Bulk Density:2,60 kg/m³
Compressive Strength:110 MPa
Water Absorption:0.40%
Various treatment on surface:
Polished,honed,sandblasted,acid wash,leather...
Popular application:
  • Indoor Flooring,paver: Popular Sizes are 60 cm x 30 cm, 60 cm x 60 cm, 80 cm x 40 cm, etc. 
  • Counter top/vanity top/table top: The grey tone of on natural stone surface adds an elegant and classy touch ,perfect choice to look unique and stylish. 
  • Wall cladding: Our wide range of colors can be used as wall cladding to create a modern or rustic look, depending on your preference.
  • Fireplaces: With hardworking team of professionals, who are considered as the strength of our firm,we are capable of making difficult design with providing optional solutions to their natural stone requirements. A nice fireplace in grey marble fireplace is the perfect addition to any modern home,bring warmth and comfort.
  • Sinks: Our abundant production experience will be helpful to provide any special sink made from grey marble for luxury surroundings.

We provide all that is needed to dream, create and design with confidence


Grey marbles are a fantastic choice because of their durability, high performance, and low maintenance requirements,ever lasting fashion.

Not only do they look elegant and luxurious, but they also work as perfect materials for interior or exterior purposes. 

Crafting and presenting the finest quality Stones – slabs, tiles and finished products is a passion that gives us the zeal to keep bettering ourselves.

It is this quest for perfection that continues to delight our customers. 

At Eastwood stone, the entire product gamut is designed and manufactured at our facility under the strict guidance of professionals. 

With rich experienced employees & high-quality machinery equipment producing exquisite yet durable stones,we manage entirely all the phases of the processing, from quarrying rough block to the final step of finished products.

  1. Commercial & Residential
  2. Custom Design
  3. Custom Fabrication 
  4. Professional Installation
  5. Large Inventory in Stock
  6. Commercial Exterior Walls & Facades
  7. Commercial Interior Walls & Flooring

About Us

Eastwood stone, is an manufacturer and seller of building stones for over 15 years,supplying extensive range of grey marble with competitive prices and dependable service,the professional collection of our products ranges can cover your various needs,commercial and residential. 

As a respected supplier to global market,including USA,Canada,Australia,Germany,UK,Japan and other areas, we take pride in our exceptional service, inventory, reliable delivery, customer assistance, and total dedication to every esteemed client.

We are constantly finding ways to improve our customer service as well as offering a satisfaction guarantee.

Our promise is to deliver an unrivaled customer experience, by employing highly skilled and well trained experts that provide superior, quality craftsmanship. 

Visit us to meet your expectations. 

  1. Embrace The Beauty Of Our Exquisite Grey Marble 
  2. Dazzle Your Space With The Glamourous Grey Color 
  3. Let Every Corner of Your Space exudes Splendour
  4. Create Ambience That’s Surreal And Stylish
  5. Enhance the Look of your Spaces with Nature’s Magnificent Beauty

Provide by nature,perfect by us,that is our persistence on stone line for over 15 years.